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How can I stop releasing my anger, stress & frustration on other people and become a better person?


You will do better in you job and career as well as all other areas of your life by raising your level of consciousness and aligning yourself with high-energy attractor fields instead of low-energy attractor fields.

Allow Me to Explain!

Everything in the universe has a vibration, according to the Law of Vibration…including you AND your emotions.

Anger, stress and frustration are emotions and emotions carry energy (either positive or negative). You releasing these negative emotions into the universe and against other people is hurting you more than it is hurting them (although it does hurt them as well as it affects the vibration of the universe).


First let us consider an analogy to help understand this concept.

Imagine, if you will, a large bowl of water. And now imagine taking a syringe and drawing out some of the water into the syringe.The water in the syringe is now a separate entity but it still has the exact same properties from the water in the bowl from which it came.

*The syringe represents you and the bowl of water represents everything and everybody else in the universe.*

What do you suppose will happen if you drop just one drop of water from your syringe back into the bowl? – Right. There will be a ripple.

Now suppose you just squirt all of the water from the syringe back into the bowl? Not only are there ripples but there’s also splashing.

The question is: Do you want to be a person that’s always making negative ripples and splashes into the universe, or do you want to cause positive effects?

Your vibration says a lot about the type of person you are. What are you? Another one of my blog posts, What Does Your Vibe Say About You, goes into more detail about this.

So, how Can You Change and Become a Better Person?

There are some habits you need to break and some gratifications you need to rechannel. Make a conscious effort, everyday, to be more positive. Here’s a blog post that offers some ways to do this. It’s titled, 6 Ways to Be Positive Daily.

You can do this by consciously practicing restraint when you feel the urge come upon you to lash out at somebody.

One way to do this is to catch yourself and redirect your thought patterns and thereby rechanneling the negative energy vibrations into positive vibrations. You will transform from operating in a lower vibration to a higher vibration.

For example:

If someone cuts you off in traffic, when you feel the urge to hang heavily on your horn, yell and allow anger to well up in you, instead consciously use that moment as a reminder to produce a positive thought or say something positive out loud to yourself.Send out blessings instead of curses whenever someone does something rude, stupid, inconsiderate, selfish, etc.If you usually treat people mean just because you’re being a jerk, then go back and apply the concepts in #1 and #2 above.

You can change how you choose to act or react. You choose how you treat others.

Now, granted, sometimes people just get on your last nerve and sometimes you will still lash out. But, if you choose the higher vibration most of the time, you will eventually reach your goal of not being someone who takes out your frustrations on others (especially in the work place) and become that better person that you want to be.


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