Executive Level

Job Search Assistance

To get a different job, applications must be submitted. But sometimes, don't you wish that you didn't have to do it yourself? 

Resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles are not our only specialty. If you need job search help and assistance with finding job openings to apply to, you've come to the right place!

Struggling with what to do with your resume? Looking to make a career change and would like assistance finding suitable positions to apply to? Returning to work after an extended absence and need help positioning yourself? Going for a higher paying career position? 

We know how to navigate the job search jungle for you.

Your executive-level job search is handled!

As always, you can EXPECT only 5-star Quality Service from Expert Resume Writing Services.

Please Note: This service offered is for conducting the job search process on your behalf through reasonable weekly efforts of time spent researching, assessing, gathering information, and applying to a minimum of 5-10 positions per month for you and posting your candidacy on job websites (no minimum or maximum) for the specified 1- or 3-month time frame, whichever you choose. It does not guarantee interviews or job placement. Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile assistance is not included in this service but is available on this website.

C-level executives, department heads, directors, presidents, VPs, business owners, physicians, administrators, lawyers, professors, PhDs, etc.

What's Included:

  • Resume/cover letter critque and advice (if not already an Expert Resume Writing Services customer)

  • Tailor cover letter to each position applied to (if already an Expert Resume Writing Services customer) 

  • Match you to industries, job titles, and employers

  • Conduct research for potential career opportunities

  • Upload your resume/cover letter on job sites for you

  • Apply for positions on your behalf (5-10/mo. minimum)

  • Supply contact information on positions applied to

  • Weekly feedback and follow-up

Executive Level

3 Months: $595

1 Month: $175

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