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Entry Level Resume

Being new to the job market can sometimes mean you may face challenges trying to get a job. And, you may often wonder what type of resume you need, to get hired.


The ENTRY LEVEL Resume is for you if:

  • You are a recent graduate or student close to graduating and are needing to land your first job.

  • You have some experience but have only been in the workforce up to 2 years.


At this level, you need a resume that highlights your potential by focusing on strengths in other areas besides job experience, like academic achievements, any training or skills you have, volunteer service, artistic talents, and success with other occupations (e.g., babysitter, dog walker, caregiver, etc.).


Whatever is unique to you, we will ask you targeted questions to drill down to what makes you stand out, and we will use that to develop the best resume for your successful job search.

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